TikTok and Bootstrapping and Convoy.com – TechCrunch

TikTok and Bootstrapping and Convoy.com – TechCrunch

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The TechCrunch Podcast

Episode 13: Instagram is myspaced by TikTok and other TC news

This week on TechCrunch Podcast, Becca Szkutak talks about the tense state of renewal rounds for many early-stage startups, and Devin Coldewey talks about upcoming changes to Instagram that many users feel will make the app much worse. And as always, Darrell will update you on the tech updates you may have missed this week.

Article from the episode:

Other news of the week:

chain reaction

Episode 17: Hackers Steal Crypto in the Nicest Way

Welcome back, this week Lucas and Anita welcome Jacquie Melinek to Chain Reaction as their new permanent co-host. They dove into the hot crypto topics of the week, including the $190M drain of the Nomad Bridge by “black-hat” and “white-hat” hackers. They also discussed the widespread Solana wallet attack and a particularly deep round of layoffs at Robinhood.

You’ll notice something different about the show this week alongside a new co-host – we’re splitting the news analysis and interview segment into different episodes! On Tuesdays we meet with experts in the crypto space and on Thursdays we dive into the hottest Web3 topics of the week. Catch us early next week for an interview with Uniswap COO MC Lader.

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The TechCrunch Live Podcast

Episode 14: Convoy.com’s secret growth hack (tip: truck stops)

Dan Lewis introduced Convoy to the highly fragmented trucking industry in 2015. Valued at $3.8 billion, the company is a leader in providing digital services for trucks and freight. I’m thrilled to have him on TechCrunch Live this week along with Chris Howard, founding partner at Fuel Capital who invested in the first few rounds of Convoy.

As you’ll hear, in 2014 and 2015, cargo was poised for reinvention. Uber became a verb and the trucking industry needed a digital solution to connect the different parts of the industry. Convoy started at the right time, CEO Chris Howard told me. Beginning in 2014, wireless carriers began offering free smartphones, and once truckers got their hands on these devices, the industry began to change rapidly.

But there’s more to this story than just free smartphones. Lewis and his co-founders spent countless hours with truckers to understand the market and how digital services would impact their business. Dan even explains that the company occasionally holds field offices at truck stops.

During this event we will look at Convoy’s early pitch decks, which illustrate why Convoy started at this point and how it established clear guiding principles.

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Episode 70: Carolyn Childers, boss

Comics are the basis for so many movies, TV shows, and video games, but creators still struggle to be properly compensated for their material. Chris Giliberti founded Zestworld, a creator-centric platform that provides solutions for artists to publish their work, manage commissioned artworks, and own their intellectual property and licensing. In this episode, Chris and Darrell catch up on upcoming projects, the best ways to monetize digital custom artwork, and building an online community that feels like walking through a comic book store. Jordan is there too, just not annoying because she hasn’t found the comic book for her yet.

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Equity capital

Episode 551: Robinhood’s hangover, YC’s reduction and Uber’s return to form

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unveil the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

Alex, Natasha and Maria Ann caught up with Maggie and Grace for our weekly roundup show this week and as usual there was plenty to talk about including the fact that there were even more topics to choose from than usual as the summer doldrums seem to be fading.

What else did we come up with? The following:

  • To start our Sales of the week, We discussed the fact that a startup focused on depression, suicidality, and related mental illnesses is buying a company called KetaMD to expand its telemedicine capabilities and specifically its tech-assisted ketamine-based treatments. Don’t know what ketamine is? You’re not alone.
  • From there, it was time to start talking about a new $100M fund, which boasts some high-profile LPs and partners, and will invest exclusively in Latino(a) startup founders. Then we delved into the hows and whys of a fintech company that aims to get consumers to deduct everyday expenses straight from their paychecks – a concept that took us a little time.
  • We then moved on to Robinhood and the news that the retail investment giant had laid off 23% of its workforce – just 3 months after laying off 9% of its workforce. The three of us were concerned about CEO Vlad Tenev taking responsibility for the layoffs and of course how much damn news has surrounded the company over the last 18 months or so.


  • next up? We chatted about Y Combinator’s somewhat surprising decision to downsize its cohort by 40% – what that could mean for the early-stage venture scene. We also address the increased check size and personal return. So many variables! Just a try!
  • Most recently, we talked about Uber and how the company both reported positive free cash flow and was deeply unprofitable in the second quarter (thanks to Alex for breaking that down for us).

And we had a great time booting! Until next time!

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Episode 550: Is It Time for the Bootstrapper to Jump on the Venture Treadmill?

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unveil the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

This is our Wednesday show where we focus on a single topic, ponder a question and unpack the rest. In this week, Natasha and Alex asked: Is it bootstrapper’s time to jump on the venture treadmill?

The episode was inspired by Natasha’s recent Startups Weekly column, “The bootstrapped are coming, the bootstrapped are coming,” and the companion TechCrunch+ post, “Will once-bootstrapped startups turn to venture during a watershed moment?” But of course, in classic equity style, we continued the conversation with nuance and numbers as the focus.

Here’s what we got ourselves into:

  • The definition of bootstrapping and our own additions and subtractions
  • The trend that more bootstrap companies are entering into ventures, or at least more venture capitalists are interested in bootstrap companies
  • What the heck is a venture treadmill and what do drugs have to do with it?
  • In the end we agreed that we are indeed the best.

There’s a long history when it comes to bootstrapping businesses and eventually raising money. We just want to know if it will happen more often and sooner today. Let us write!

Equity falls every Monday at 7:00 am PDT and Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:00 am PDT, so subscribe to us Apple Podcasts, Covered, Spotify and all casts.

Episode 549: Public Tech’s espresso shot is literally The Cloud

Hello and welcome back to Equity, a podcast about the business of startups, where we unveil the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

Last week we said you need to watch out for the public markets and we weren’t kidding. It’s been a huge week for earnings – with notes from around the world including the ad market and cloud spend. But this week’s Monday show was more than just another entry in the series, it was an experimental live show! Natasha joined Alex for fun, and this is what they did:

  • Stocks up, crypto mostly flat after a solid week of gains.
  • Will Alibaba be delisted or not? That question is more important than just what’s happening with the unique Chinese tech giant. The question really belies a larger question about the ability of Chinese tech companies to access foreign markets more generally, places where capital can flow at a rapid pace. Given China’s economic woes, cutting this particular liquidity line could be risky.
  • From there we went on to the layoffs at Clearco, UiPath’s purchase of Refiner and the first close of Oui’s new fund.
  • And then we ended with a jump into big tech revenue. The essentials? These companies are too big to summarize, and without the cloud, they would struggle.
  • Amazon shares surge despite $2 billion loss on earnings
  • Apple’s revenue growth slows to $19.6 billion in the third quarter, hitting 860 million paid subscriptions
  • Microsoft missed expectations, points to exchange rates and the weakened PC market
  • Meta records its first quarterly revenue decline
  • And via CNBC, Alphabet is missing out on revenue and earnings for the second quarter

So what do you think? Shall we go live again? Next time with equity-designed espresso cups that no one but us can enjoy? Let us know, and don’t worry, the Equity team will be back with a mind-blowing bootstrapping show on Wednesday.

Equity falls every Monday at 7:00 am PDT and Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:00 am PDT, so subscribe to us Apple Podcasts, Covered, Spotify and all casts.

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