Meet the local team at Skanska Leasing & Asset Management

Meet the local team at Skanska Leasing & Asset Management

Skanska’s Central and Eastern Europe Commercial Development Division announces the structure of the new Leasing and Assets team, consisting of Anamaria Crețu and Tamara Guleryuz as Leasing and Asset Managers. From this role, they manage the leasing and proper operation of the office space developed by Skanska in Romania, buildings designed and developed around the concept of well-being and sustainability, aligned with ESG principles. They offer advice and personalized experiences adapted to the needs, expectations and goals of each client.

The role of Leasing & Asset Manager makes an important contribution to Skanska’s mission to provide the best future-proof solutions and spaces tailored to partners’ current and future needs and goals. They not only contribute to business growth, but also maximize the experience for customers and building occupants. Anamaria Crețu and Tamara Guleryuz build long-term and beneficial partnerships for all parties that, from the role of leasing and asset managers, ensure the delivery of the highest level of service and promote the customer-centric approach, carrying on the promise of spaces that deliver promote development in a dynamic, sustainable environment and always pay attention to the satisfaction of the residents.

About the new Leasing & Asset Management team

Anamaria Crețu joined Skanska in 2015 and assumed the role of Asset Coordinator in 2016. From 2020 she became an Asset & Property Management Business Partner, a position from which she developed and coordinated the implementation of security measures at the Equilibrium 1 project during the pandemic period, resulting in an increase in the office return rate of over 40%. From this position, Anamaria was also involved in the process of obtaining WELL Health-Safety Rating certification for all Skanska operations buildings in Romania.

Since February 2022, Anamaria has assumed the role of Leasing & Asset Manager from where she aims to further advance Skanska projects and offer the best solutions to partners and customers. All these initiatives, together with the services offered by the building, flexibility, speed and good communication with the building management team, were reflected in tenant feedback, who declared 100% satisfaction with the office experience in the Equilibrium 1 building, both in 2021 and 2022. In her free time, she enjoys spending time in nature, hiking, paddling, running and being part of the Skanska running team.

She believes that the greatest achievement in this role is the success in offering each partner the most tailored solutions to their needs throughout the collaboration process.

The favorite project she has worked on in this role is Equilibrium 1, where she has had the opportunity to meet, welcome and collaborate with over 20 tenants every three years since it went live.

The biggest difficulty she encountered in this role was balancing her perfectionist approach to work and learning to benefit more from the support of her peers.

A day’s work in this role begins with the organization and prioritization of activities focused both on the future development of the company and attracting new partners, as well as maintaining the highest level of satisfaction among existing tenants.

What motivates and appeals to them at this point, in addition to the opportunity to meet interesting people every day, is the opportunity to make their own contribution to the development of the company.

Tamara Guleryuz joined the Skanska team in 2016 in the role of Asset Coordinator, which she held until 2019. From this position she oversaw and coordinated the office development plans and tenant relocation processes in the Campus 6.1 project and the furnishing of the premises for the proper functioning of the building through careful selection of essential services. She took an active role in the building’s sales process and helped strengthen relationships with Campus and Equilibrium tenants.

In July 2022 she decided to continue her career at Skanska when she joined the team and took up the position of Leasing & Asset Manager. By sharing the company’s values ​​of well-being and responsibility towards the environment and community, and putting the customer first, Tamara in her new role aims to attract as many companies as possible whose employees will benefit from the advantages of the office space developed by Skanska. Aside from her professional life, her favorite pastimes include travelling, swimming and spending time with her family.

What motivates and attracts her to this role is the opportunity to constantly learn and develop, to work and interact with a variety of people and different typologies.

The Skanska experience is dynamic and exciting, with projects and solutions designed to add value to professional life and with positive impacts that are felt even in the personal lives of employees and tenants.

A day’s work in this role, although challenging and different from one day of the week to the next, always ends in satisfaction and successes shared with colleagues, partners and tenants.

Her goals in the new role include building lasting partnerships that bring as many employees as possible the benefits of Skanska buildings and office space, designed with a strategy for the future, focused on wellbeing, health and environmental stewardship, and fulfillment the expectations of the occupants of the building.

“I am very pleased to have such a strong local leasing team, with a customer-centric mindset that is present throughout the leasing process and continues during aftercare as a core part of wealth activities. Both Anamaria and Tamara are endowed with the perfect set of skills and competencies that allow them to focus on understanding our clients’ business needs and finding the best tailored solutions. I am convinced that their market knowledge, experience and real estate passion are the key to great business results,” says Kata Mazsaroff, Leasing and Assets Director for Hungary and Romania in Skanska CEE’s commercial development department.

“Our mission is to deliver sustainable and future-proof buildings that redefine the way people live, work and relate to office space. And when that goal is based on an approach that focuses on our customers, partners and employees, we are always ready to respond quickly to their needs and expectations. This is due to the reliable, long-term partnerships we build with them, into which the Leasing & Asset Management team constantly invests passion, time and effort. Therefore, their expertise, knowledge and skills commend Anamaria and Tamara for this role, from which they will surely continue to contribute to provide the best experiences and achieve the best results for all stakeholders,” says Arkadiusz Rudzki, Executive Vice President of Leasing & Sales within Skanska CDE Commercial Development Division.

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